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by Bootleg Baby

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Wake up let's do it, wake up get through it lets get into it, sing it go stupid x2 It is what it is, and thats the best part its okay to wake up now i'll give you a jumpstart It is what it is, and thats the best part enable my art so you stay close to my heart Green lights right now, no need to slow down we need to speed up to LazyTown put some pink in my cup I'm nodding out right now don't interrupt you really remind me of all the right things I see you committing, it's so inspiring show me fidelity to the fucking base don't step with jealousy, remain and step with grace you have my devotion, steady working on the craft and sipping potion i got different notions, for the zzZZzs yea I put them into motion got nutrition now i'm floating, got greens got gross so i'm smoking Wake up with me, lets have unity hugging the sun, I just wanna run prada my feet, i sing what i preach There’s levels to fun i'll work till its done just wanna run
Some ties to tight you can't break them me and juju forever lazy gotta learn from the fools when you shake em stay eating my greens daily LLKL Long live king lunyel your motivating me I know you can see 6am and i'm down on my knees he's not nodding he's dyspraxic I got discipline so give me a strip pipe down I see some shit on your lip no license but i'm speeding in your whip for the zzzzs noddy thinks he has a fetish in the studio feeling kinda peckish german food so I think i'll have some relish if you're praying for hate you can perish smoke out the zip in the shop front loose a 40 in your room thats a treasure hunt 6 am its reminding hours soak up all the virtue for gas in the tank i'm ok ok cause i'm chipping away i know what it comes to i give myself thanks
bePresent 03:23
what a time to be alive right now i just wanna get high right now smoke that dopey dope right now bb in this bitch right now do my dance & i take a bow your process leave me like wow i be asking myself like how gotta let your spirit ball somehow i just saw three fives like now i was like hell yea thats a sign i be getting high as a stop sign i just wanna do it all the time but nah i gotta work & gotta grind curious to whats in my mind flesh out the things i find focus on whats divine i be on my own beats like its nothing we out in naarm australia like its nothing gotta full POSTURE tracksuit on like its nothing if you come studio we're always up to something pallo got somewhere to be i know what i wanna see you know theres know other way spiritually ball to escape stay based never present fake i drink pocari & bake holding theories in my safe im with the shed at the lake you're a real cop if you focus & act on your jealousy EARFTONES on my body when im walking down the street so i get why they starring at me shedding mental debris oh lord it makes me free ... oh lord on a champagne guy when i celebrate you know i N O D i stay with a pill cutter you know its fuck a key & you need to cheer up cause its not that deep its all L o v e hate & you won't succeed we all can guarantee we ball , gotta ball
Considerate 02:16
I wanna go back to feeling ignorant ignorant but baby still considerate you love nodding out don't be a hypocrite if i was to flex i know you'd throw a fit got some glasgow neds that'll kettle you got some cowbells and some kettles too do some yoga feeling hindoo you need to moderate what helps you get through how t=do you say you're so cool when decadence is you why you trynna hang with me when you've got work to do ain't no time to lose accelerate the vehicle if you say that shit stand on it make it meaningful baby let's have fun why you geopolitical people at each others necks its beyond typical beyond typical Noddy beyond mythical i keep it off the streets i like my highs medical dancing around and i whip my hair fool speak your shit and see if i care had to learn to clear my mind and be aware, i got posture but i still love moncler if you gonna do it you better do it well, i was nodding to hard hit the stairs and i fell i better talk my shit nah i better yell, if you stepping true man i think that's swell
serving base bitch we serving base prada round my waist everything in place smoking energy blow it in there face when you're grinding hard there's nothing to say they say how you dance & move so god damn elegant baby why would give a damn or a fuck when im off this medicine pallo be throwing shots executing my theory to ball lord knows ill be bb rapallo & noddy until i fall till i fall break the wall posture on me at the ball putting money in my friends pockets right now im saying fuck the mall she find happy in my luxury so baby gon roll with me devout to thy base proceeding with grace rose water on me post sauna on my face
ok Ok 02:47
Sign my soul to the base its for life not not for days I do it for therapy fuck if you do it for a raise Put myself in a position then I turn another page If you diss lazy then ill remember your face dont suppose you wanna try so get up up out my space Your not even asking why you’re just giving to the craze I stepping hella fly leaning in my own lane Say you smoking all this strong man your marijuanas laced Man fuck a boujee fool you better step with some grace Put some effort to the craft this aint a mother fucking race I be nodding too hard Prada falling off my waist Keep my mouth shut cause there’s baggage with the snakes No delay I’m working everyday so baby baby baby baby don’t act cheeky Im sleepy she freaky she Tryna take me on a plane to Tahiti Everyday I pray grateful for my day Throwing switch kicks wearing ‘bouquet’ Are you ok ? im ok ok Had to score 4 cups from the cafe Feeling all this oxy as im accelerating If you don’t give a fuck why the fuck you hating Refine your skills and learn some patience Smoking to much she say its my fragrance Balling out, pill cutter im not drinking no stout No you can’t get to close so we can’t fallout you better fucking floor the gas on the freeway be always on a mission and get it done today ill be on the subway and ill meditate then ill have some fish soup, side it with some sake give a fuck whats saying live truth, no failing working hard thats saying working hard thats telling you're with me so you're not telling you're with me so ill be nodding its okay thanks for checking ok Ok
Camelot 02:24
It's in your attitude it's in your way of thought i like the way you move so pull up to my spot it's not that technical, just wanna smoke a lot white shirt i'm sensible, until i'm fucking not till i'm fucking not, till i'm fucking not i be larping with my homies out in camelot out in camelot, till i'm fucking not boy why you moving so stiff you're like a robot shawty got physical shawty in critical, he move to digital cause he was cynical trynna climb my ladder, i know what its for i'm not getting sadder, cause i'm putting in more what you putting in for, feel it in your core find out what you stand for, dont live for the score get up and do your chores, build your dopamine work hard for the snore, you know what i mean gotta put things back in order, gotta love the process more uh grateful for who's up in my corner, they water me up like a fauna on the 10th floor in the sauna, blow with the wind i'm not a hoarder enough is enough nah it's never enough let's go gotta go harder gotta be smarter you know come on come on
Everything all at once slow down your breath control bringing peace, the tools are right there yea you're gonna start winning homie, and you're gonna start failing homie girl you're to comfortable don't push your feelings on me it's gonna be alright, just learn to learn/use solitude preaching what i find holy, great things just happen slowly Looking at the map like how do i get back, it's easy for my mind if i don't have to back track seeing the sun so i know i don't lack, if you hug it it'll hug you back SleepWalk in Collingwood like i'm Chopper Reid chaotic girl at the rave trynna take speed, hell nah i'm in the studio taking zzZZzs you can see i live for it cause i fucking bleed yes ma'am yes ma'am two ventis, i dont need frappes leave em empty focus on yourself and leave the envy, pull the plank out your eye so you can see so you can see no one needs your pity, times on your side if you chip away nothing but gross in the ashtray, in the shed on my head be crochet Baby today dancing ballet elegance when i walk and i don't got no time to read an essay baby just come and talk i remember down at the chalet it was just me and Lloyd he really told me really really showed me things i gotta avoid but baby today dancing ballet elegance when i walk and i don't got no time to read an essay baby just come and talk
Going dumb i'm a clepto on the high street medicine in my body so i'm moving silly G-star for legs leather flats for my fett N O D banging cause im fucking noddy consumer not a boomer did i fool ya, i was smoking loud making beats in the school yard i was making shouts now i meant to be mature, you are a pawn so im gonna abuse ya no quit in me like Rodtang, got energy with no bang see a tree can't help but hang decompress spiritual gang vacate your mind take a holiday no past no future it's just today gotta go low-stim to activate all of the things i think are great be aware don't feed the hurt, if i believe i'lll be out the dirt authority keep me alert, i stay close well i try to do it for me and a bit for you, towel robe made of bamboo sauna with some cashews, snooze train lets go choo choo know myself so i'm not trynna kill time, you trynna waste yours i'm trynna build mine - opening doors i'm trynna climb i dont need ya'll to think i'm fine i dont need ya'll
Plot Twist 01:41
Decompressing so i'm hanging from a tree not 1 not 2 pour 33333 discipline like i'm in the army rap on this beat like a fucking emcee polly don't want crackers nah she want some oxy sipping probiotics they trynna sip molly, in aud but leather flats from Italy how you not devote yourself when it's yourself to please LIKE HOW? how you gonna tell me some big plans then not commit, in love with the talk but to the craft you can't submit.. ha ha ha i'm smoking laughing doing bits in love with the base so you know i'll never quit fool get off your keyboard you're to sad and unfit hop in the sauna nike said just do it ay SEEPY we to locked in ay BOGGY that's noddy's twin hear the soul and feel it within, get up now we need to begin drop down give me 10 real quick, hop out of the gym posture tracksuit for my kit 4L luxury silvery on my wrist staying on my toes cause life got plot twists
Sally 02:21
Got packs from cali bali maywood not the valley, up the tally with some bars from my homegirl sally im with Y3RVA gram after gram it's a rally, off the wagon going stupid finale lets go ay Lloyd they be loving you offff Seepy got some class he be steeping in a suit, i got leather flats so you know it's classy crew they be writing lyrics like they don't know what to do, i be doing me let's just hope you're doing you stay true, staying true the simple sayings are the clues.. are the clues Seepy cooking up in the S E B lair, i be nodding out put some plaits in my hair out in Glasgow man i didn't really care, me and juju just copping all this care ha ha i just laugh if you care, a hater just a fan thinking bout me in a chair wanna bark war stories that means you ain't have a scare wanna bark war stories just think bout if you were there
Gotta feel that soul, gotta feel that rhythm gotta feel that whole , don't wanna be given back to my past, no i'm not gonna give in i fuck with you fast, cause you see the vision can't escape the winter, so blitz i'm like burrr so i got on some furr gotta listen and learn, cause time just gone burn it's always your turn to shine Spiritually ball john wall, lift me up when i fall i don't hear nothing cause iv'e been there for you all, know i don't wanna be your dog no i don't want to be your dog sipping on kefir striving for prevention, for mishaps to occur i don't want you to hurt, be easy on yourself it's in your head its all just tails packs coming in the mail Lloyd shipped the holy grail you can't take but you can feel my spirit, horse at the water but he don't want to drink it. I took him there in all my strength, can't let it hurt if they don't want to drink it don't wanna drink it, give myself a date and i know that ill i meet it put a lot of meaning into a little trinket theres a lot of power when you know you believe it Trying to breath properly when you’re moving maliciously it's just easier in my head to remain and step honestly, i'll give you my time to enable what you see let's execute it, let's be in harmony Gotta feel that soul, gotta feel that rhythm gotta feel that whole , don't wanna be given back to my past, no i'm not gonna give in i fuck with you fast, cause you see the vision


Featuring a bonus track!

CDs available @ www.posturestudio.net/product-page/bootleg-baby-base-soul-cd


released October 14, 2022

Executively produced by Seepy & Rapallo
Tracks 2, 3, 9 & 14 produced by Eric Slake
Track 4 produced by Gfelds
Track 4 produced by Soulm8

Art by Rapallo
Drawings by Moksha
Cassette layout by trashsleeper & Bratty Dog Tapes


all rights reserved



Bratty Dog Tapes San Diego, California

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